The most popular hot escort wallpapers 2018

Are you looking for hot women wallpapers to download and make your desktop stand out? Then browse our range of the most popular HD hot girls wallpapers. It’s no secret that some of the most beautiful women are escorts and working for escort agencies around the world. If there are no hot escorts near you to book and meet them in real life, at least, download a wallpaper of a stunning escort. Hot escorts are a real joy for a man’s eyes, so enjoy the view of the most popular and hottest escort wallpapers.

Depending on your taste, you can choose wallpapers of brunette women or blonde ladies. Both brunette escorts and blonde escorts are beautiful with bodies to die for, see for yourself and pick the one you like to download.

Hot brunette wallpapers

Do you like women with long dark hair who look so sophisticated yet so sexy? Then, the brunette hottie wallpapers range is right for you. These hot women have long brunette hair and stunning bodies to look at. Some of them are very busty with big size breasts and some of the escorts are with naturally small breasts, you can select the wallpaper of escort you like. Pick one of the hot girls for your desktop wallpaper. Or maybe you are looking for a hot brunette escort wallpapers for your mobile? These escort wallpapers are suitable for mobile phones too. One of the hot brunette escorts can be set as your phone’s wallpaper and you can show it off to your friends. The screen always looks beautiful when a wallpaper of a hot woman is visible.

Stunning blonde escort wallpapers

For gentlemen who love blonde babes, we have a range of hottest blonde escort wallpapers to choose from. Women with long blonde hair or curly blonde hair are the perfect choice for desktop or mobile wallpaper. These stunning blonde women with big busts and bums will catch any man’s eyes. Nice lingerie and sexy clothes only enhance their gorgeous bodies even more, who wouldn’t want to see a blonde hottie on their screen every day?

Pick the hottest woman for your screen and set the picture as the wallpaper on your desktop or mobile. No matter what you like, we have the most popular and hottest escort wallpapers available, you can even download all of them and make a slideshow as a wallpaper.

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A History Of Beauty Icons

So we are all aware of the stars of today and how beautiful they are – What about the beauties of the world that were around long before the Kardashians, Longer before the snapchat filters we all tend to live by today.

Here are a list of some of the globes most iconic beauties :

Edie Sedgwick

Image of Edie Sedgwick

This lady was muse to none other than Andy Warhol! He wanted her around all of the time as she was said to be his inspiration – her look was unique – oversized and dark statement eyebrows and a large beauty spot on her right cheek. You can certainly say Edie was a one off!

Claudia Cardinale

Image of Claudia Cardinale

This italian stunner was radiant and unmistakably glamourous.

She is branded as one of the most beautiful stars to grace the silver screen. She is a sex symbol and rightly so, she starred in shows such as Jesus of Nazereth, Nostromo and Nasi Di Cane.

Ava Garner

The silver screen dazzler married Frank Sinatra in 1951 and the two went their separate ways in 1957.

Image of Ava Garner

Ava appeared in classics such as Showboat, The Barefoot Contessa, Earthquake and The Bible: In the beginning and was famous for her mesmerising beauty and amazing voice.

Brigitte Bardot

French born Bardot is a singer, actress, fashion model & animal rights activist. She is most famous for her appearance in ‘And God Created Woman’ released in the 1950’s – She really is the definition of beautiful!

Brigitte Bardot

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Victoria Secret Story & Free HD Wallpapers 2018

It’s no secret that the models used for the Victoria Secret brand & catwalk shows are hotter than hot!


Here is a little history on Victoria Secret and some sexy HD Wallpapers for you to use at your pleasure!

Founded in 1977 by American designer Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye, Victoria Secret began with lingerie and soon branched out into womenswear and beauty products. It is the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie. Would you believe that they actually referred to their products as ‘ugly, floral nylon nightgowns’ It was inspired by the Victorian Era and its first photoshoot was a far cry from the lingerie images we see out there today!


The brand has certainly come a long way since the 70’s and is now a globe leader in the fashion industry and is now has a net worth of $7.6 billion! Not bad for ugly nylon nightgowns!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

It has had a band of beautiful women known as the faces of the brand and are known as ‘Victoria Secret Angels’ which were first shown as brand ambassadors in the 90’s, Tyra Banks being one of the first Angels photographed.

Victoria Secret Fashion show

This group of women are the most beautiful to be found on the planet and include Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Adriana Limas, Candice Swanepoel and Taylor Hill to name but a few!

This brand is loved by many across the globe, men and women included! The Vistira Secret models are all absolutely stunning and we cannot get enough of them, Who is your favourite Angel, We cannot decide and just love them all!


They hold a fashion show each year at various locations and this is always a huge event, The outlay for the show is said to be in the region of $26.4 million according to the New York Times!

Swarovski Sparkles In the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

In 2017 the show was held in Shanghai – Each year there is a showstopper known as the ‘Fantasy Bra’ and each year this is sported by a different model, 2017 being the year for Brazilian Supermodel Lais Ribeiro. Each year the brassiere design changes and so too does the creation, This is an amazing design which dons 18 karat filigree creation encrusted with more than 600 carats of oversized sapphires, diamonds and blue topaz stones and is bespoke fitted to each new model each year. There are approximately 350 hours spent just to get the setting and design right, This creation is worth a minor $3 million – I’ll have two! – NOT!

Victoria Secret fashion show wallpapers

The most popular ladies of 2018 are shown below – Enjoy and we will look forward to 2019 show!

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Brains and Beauty!

Meet the sexy stars of the celebrity world who have a lot more to offer than smoking hot bodies and smouldering looks! Some have degrees and can speak over 5 languages!

Kate Beckinsale

This hottie is not only an awesome actress but is fluent in French, Russian and German.

Kate Beckinsale

She has also won the title of ‘young writer’ twice when in her teenage years

Kate Beckinsale

She was born in Finsbury Park London and has an IQ of 152!

Natalie Portman

Born in Israel Jerusalem this semi-feminist studied at Harvard UNiversity and mastered in Neuroscience and psychology! She attended Hebrew UNiversity and is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, French, German and Japanese.

Natalie Portman

Her IQ is said to be 140!

Emma Watson

French born Emma Watson has studied at Brown University and Worcester College.

Emma Watson

She has A Star grades in 8 subjects and 2 A levels.

Image of Emma Watson

She is most famous for her part as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series and is said to have an IQ of 138

Jennifer Connelly

This brunette beauty has an IQ of 145 and is fluent in French and German

Jennifer Connelly

She has won an academy award for her role in A Beautiful Mind

Connelly was as an Ambassador for Human Rights Education in 2005!

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer was born in Cairo New York in the Catskill Mountains.

Vanity Fair as named her as one of the most beautiful women in the world!


Her hips dont lie and neither do her we. Shakira is a secret genius with an IQ of 140.

Shakira Wallpapers

She can speak English, French, Italian and Catalan as well as her native Spanish!

Image of Shakira

Also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira certainly is a busy beauty!

Ashley Judd

Born in the Granada HIlls in LA California has a reported IQ of a whopping 180!

Image of Ashley Judd

She is the owner of a masters degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, She majored in French and has a quadruple minor in anthropology, art history, women’s studies and theatre. Smoking hot and brains to match!

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Yes that’s correct – Hot Anime Girl Wallpaper is becoming the most searched wallpaper on the web.

Anime Girl Wallpaper 1

With hundreds and thousands of wallpapers available to download on the internet would you be surprised to know that Hot Anime Girls Wallpaper is one of the favorites, Followed closely by Hot Girl Pictures Wallpaper & Girls with the hottest bodies. Downloading images from google is a good way to get your collection started – why not try one of the top searches to get some inspiration – HOT GIRL WALLPAPER, HOT ANIME GIRL WALLPAPER, HOT GIRL PICTURES HD – I’m sure you’ll be happy with your findings!

Anime Girl Wallpaper 2

We all love a good anime and when the character is a hottie it’s always a bonus. It’s said that the girls with the hottest bodies are from Asia – would you agree? There are endless lists of hot anime girls on the web – all have different looks, styles and characters but have one thing in common – they are all hot anime girls with the hottest bodies around! If you like a variety of girls then you should be checking out All Miss World Wallpapers, this will not disappoint you, here you can find girls from all over the globe so whatever takes your fancy you are certain to find a hottie from the Miss World Wallpaper collection.

Anime Girl Wallpaper 3

Some of the most paid escorts wallpapers are anime themed which shows us how popular anime is – The girls we speak to enjoy the fantasy side of dressing up for anime themed shoots – the costumes and the makeup make for an entertaining shoot! Hot anime girl wallpaper is an ever-growing demand at the moment – take a look for yourself – girls with the hottest bodies are getting into character and uploading images daily – hot girl pictures are everywhere on the web and as days go by the selection grows even more – which hot girl wallpaper do you prefer: Anime Girl Wallpaper, Girls with the hottest bodies, hot girl HD wallpapers? As we said the list is infinite and is only getting bigger – just like our love for HOT ANIME GIRL WALLPAPER!

Anime Girl Wallpaper 4

What do you prefer – How many images do you have in your collection – 1 guy we spoke to said he has 2TB full of Hot Girl Wallpapers including hot anime girl wallpapers and he is adamant he has some images of girls with the hottest bodies on the internet – there really is something out there for everyone!

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World’s Highest Paid escorts wallpapers

So nowadays there are thousands of escort websites on the world wide web. It’s no surprise that girls from all  walks of life are taking up this profession and earning a damn good living whilst doing so!

Some escorts are now earning more than your average Wall Street Broker which is amazing!

You can request anything your heart desires now from your average Dinner and Fun evening right up to an entire weekend of undivided attention from beautiful lady (or two if it takes your fancy)

Of course various requests and preferences come with matching various price tags. Our daily life is becoming very stressful and escort agencies are the best place to have fun and release stress. Last month I was in Birmingham and I was exhausted to due to work load. My friends told my about Birmingham escorts which is best is providing best escort services in UK. I booked an escort and the experience was just awesome.  In this post I am going to share with you highest paid escorts in the world. Lets get started with Zahia Dehar:

Zahia Dehar  $1200 per night

Image of zahia dehar

This Algerian beauty will set you back $1200 per night, She was made famous by the scancall by which she was accused of being paid for sex by a few well known people. She exploited her fame by modelling for various artists such as Karl Lagerfeld. Would you pay the price?

Loredana Jolie $2000 per night

Image of Loredana Jolie

This Italian stunner will relive your bank account of $2000 per night, She has modelled for Playboy and FHM as well as being a MET-RX Calendar girl, She’s even dabbled in music videos for Sting! She is also rumoured to be Tiger Woods Mistress – Worth the Wonga? Tiger thinks so!

Ashley Dupre $4300 per night

Image of Ashley Dupre

Ashley was involved in a massive scandal where the Governor of New York was said to have been a partner in running an elite escort services agency in New York alongside Ashley Dupre who went by the name of ‘Kristen’ at the time of the services were rendered, Just under $5k is a hell of a lot of money – don’t you agree?

Ms Maya Blue $7000 per weekend or £4500 per night !

Image of Ms Maya Blue

Meet Ms Maya Blue has her own website and is based in Silicon Valley. Her website is simple but effective and has a range of pages to outline her do’s and dont’s or ‘possibilities’ as she puts it – You can request anything from a last minute 2 hour slot for $1000,provided you’re nearby,  right up to a weekend of Ms Mayas company for a little over $7000! Wowzers – that’s all we can say about that!

Ava Xi’an $50,000 per weekend or £6500 per night

Image of Ava Xi’an

With a price tag of $50k you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience with Ava! Her story is a sad one and her success is somewhat of an accident. Ava began to see her services to pay for her dying father’s medical treatment and the rest is history. Ava states ‘if you tell a guy you’re $150 per night he will treat you a certain way – tell him you’re $2000 per night and he is going to treat you so much better!’ – To true Ava – if anyone knows this it’s you darling!

Natalie McLennan $2000 per hour or $29000 for a weekend

Image of Natalie McLennan

Natalie started work in the escort industry at the age of 24. She as exposed for money laundering through the agency she helped to run but is still working as a call girl in America – for $29000 per weekend date – We wonder what would be included in such a high price? We can dream can’t we!

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Hottest Girl Wallpapers – What’s your choice?

So in the present day we all spend hours on our mobile devises and desktop PC’s and we all want something visually stimulating as our screensavers or wallpapers.  Searches can range from anything from:  Girls with the hottest bodies, hot anime wallpaper, hot girl pictures wallpaper, All miss world wallpapers, Hollywood’s Hottest Heroines and paid escorts wallpapers. All of the above searches have one common denominator – girls, girls, girls.

We all want something visually stimulating to look at considering we have our noses buried in our screens 24/7 and why not have some sexy ladies to feast your eyes on?

Hot Girl Anime Wallpaper is very popular in Japan and China where are as All Miss World Wallpapers are popular across the globe. Hollywood’s Hottest Heroine’s Wallpapers are all amazing – from Superwoman to Zena Warrior Princess and from Megan Fox to Margot Robbie you will be spoiled for choice. Hot girl pictures wallpaper will always be a popular search for those of us looking for some new and sexy wallpapers for our screens. Fortunately for us there is an endless choice of girls with the hottest bodies all over the web for us to choose from so whether you want a change every now and then or even every day – you will not be stuck for choice!

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