World’s Highest Paid escorts wallpapers

So nowadays there are thousands of escort websites on the world wide web. It’s no surprise that girls from all  walks of life are taking up this profession and earning a damn good living whilst doing so!

Some escorts are now earning more than your average Wall Street Broker which is amazing!

You can request anything your heart desires now from your average Dinner and Fun evening right up to an entire weekend of undivided attention from beautiful lady (or two if it takes your fancy)

Of course various requests and preferences come with matching various price tags. Our daily life is becoming very stressful and escort agencies are the best place to have fun and release stress. Last month I was in Birmingham and I was exhausted to due to work load. My friends told my about Birmingham escorts which is best is providing best escort services in UK. I booked an escort and the experience was just awesome.  In this post I am going to share with you highest paid escorts in the world. Lets get started with Zahia Dehar:

Zahia Dehar  $1200 per night

Image of zahia dehar

This Algerian beauty will set you back $1200 per night, She was made famous by the scancall by which she was accused of being paid for sex by a few well known people. She exploited her fame by modelling for various artists such as Karl Lagerfeld. Would you pay the price?

Loredana Jolie $2000 per night

Image of Loredana Jolie

This Italian stunner will relive your bank account of $2000 per night, She has modelled for Playboy and FHM as well as being a MET-RX Calendar girl, She’s even dabbled in music videos for Sting! She is also rumoured to be Tiger Woods Mistress – Worth the Wonga? Tiger thinks so!

Ashley Dupre $4300 per night

Image of Ashley Dupre

Ashley was involved in a massive scandal where the Governor of New York was said to have been a partner in running an elite escort services agency in New York alongside Ashley Dupre who went by the name of ‘Kristen’ at the time of the services were rendered, Just under $5k is a hell of a lot of money – don’t you agree?

Ms Maya Blue $7000 per weekend or £4500 per night !


Image of Ms Maya Blue

Meet Ms Maya Blue has her own website and is based in Silicon Valley. Her website is simple but effective and has a range of pages to outline her do’s and dont’s or ‘possibilities’ as she puts it – You can request anything from a last minute 2 hour slot for $1000,provided you’re nearby,  right up to a weekend of Ms Mayas company for a little over $7000! Wowzers – that’s all we can say about that!

Ava Xi’an $50,000 per weekend or £6500 per night

Image of Ava Xi’an

With a price tag of $50k you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience with Ava! Her story is a sad one and her success is somewhat of an accident. Ava began to see her services to pay for her dying father’s medical treatment and the rest is history. Ava states ‘if you tell a guy you’re $150 per night he will treat you a certain way – tell him you’re $2000 per night and he is going to treat you so much better!’ – To true Ava – if anyone knows this it’s you darling!

Natalie McLennan $2000 per hour or $29000 for a weekend

Image of Natalie McLennan

Natalie started work in the escort industry at the age of 24. She as exposed for money laundering through the agency she helped to run but is still working as a call girl in America – for $29000 per weekend date – We wonder what would be included in such a high price? We can dream can’t we!


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